Wyoming Mile Marker 307 Print - Barn Wood Frame

$ 130.00

Mile markers don't get any more Wyoming than this! Located on US Highway 287 between Rock River and Laramie, the iconic 307 says it all. Printed on Falcon Board -- an incredibly lightweight, corrugated composite material -- framed in SB_BS Barwood.

Aged to perfection then meticulously and skillfully reclaimed, SB_BS Barn Wood is anything but your run-of-the-mill barn wood. In fact, it’s not barn wood at all.

Don’t the let name fool you. Sure, our beautiful, rustic lumber could have easily made the cut for a wicked-cool barn, the type where really old, dusty, historic artifacts like haims and hand sickles and pitchforks and vintage cast iron hay pulleys could have hung. But it didn’t, because this isn’t barn wood.

And no majestic mare named Liberty -- snorting and doing crazy horse things -- ever restlessly pawed at these boards in an attempt to escape her stable and heroically save the life of the little blond-haired, blue-eyed girl who had tragically fallen down a well or was cornered in a deep ravine by a mountain lion during a severe thunderstorm or anything like that.

But if you want to tell your friends and family that story? We’re cool with it. Because our reclaimed wood has the look and feel and odor of real barn wood. But, again, just to clarify: it didn’t come from a barn. (Did you actually just smell the boards? Weirdo.)