Mile Marker 307 for #GAVINSTRONG March 02, 2015 13:46

"Community" is a defining value of the Sheridan Brand. With that in mind, we are launching our online store with a fundraising effort to help one of our own.

Gavin Maxwell, a 10-year-old student at Highland Park Elementary School, received a liver transplant on March 2. At age one Gavin was diagnosed with alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency, a genetic disorder that causes defective production of alpha 1-antitrypsin, eventually leading to cirrhosis of the liver. In the first two months of this year, Gavin's health declined dramatically, and doctors at St. Louis Children's Hospital determined that it was time for the transplant.

The surgery went very well. Gavin has left the hospital, but he and his parents, Willy and Shay, remain in St. Louis as the new liver continues to be monitored. If you'd like learn more about Gavin and his recovery, please see his Facebook page at "Gavin's Journey."

Even with insurance, there is a tremendous out-of-pocket expense for Gavin's family to cover the transplant, and that is where we are helping with the sale of our "Mile Marker 307" print. With each print sold now through April 15, 2015, $25 will be donated to Gavin's Children's Organ Transplant Association account. Thanks to Kennon's Capacity to Care program, the prints are being produced at a reduced rate, allowing us to sell them for $40 each.

Thanks in advance for helping us help a member of our community.